Lady Gaga – Venus (VEVO Presents)


Buy Lady Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP’ now on iTunes: Lady Gaga performing Venus live at #VEVOartRave in Brooklyn, NY on Nov.

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  1. I never realy got warm with Venus (till today), it just has some parts i realy don't like.
    But this live version sooo good

  2. Is "Venus" suppose to be "Penis" – "take me to your Venus" "Goddes of loves" "wonder if this could be love" "Uranus dont you know my ass is famous?"

  3. Would of liked to of heard her get backup singers to sing the other 2 harmonies, it sounds auto tuned in some spots, makes it a little less authentic, takes away from the fact Gaga is a musical genius

  4. don't know why but i'm now, 3 years after the release developing an addiction for this album 😄 back then i didn't even care to check it out haha

  5. I see why she is over it. This lady has really worked hard since day one. Nonstop nonstop. No matter what her albums are doing or selling now. She will always be. #MotherMonster

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