Lukas Graham – Strip No More (Live @ Vevo)


Lukas Graham – Strip No More (Live @ Vevo) – eine exklusive live Performance für Vevo. Hol dir jetzt die Vevo App! Vevo …

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  1. I think ground cumin is a great striper name (google it if you dont know what it is) Any good striper names out there?

  2. This is the first song I ever heard – Of Lukas Graham "" –Hooked!! OMG !!! What TALENT !!!!! U.S.A We love U_

  3. Fuck this song, and fuck Lukas Graham! I don't care if the instrumental is catchy, the guy is a talentless hack who most likely has an ego bigger than his brain! Or need I remind the viewers that he not only named the band after himself, but also named both of his albums after himself! This combined with the equally awful 7 Years (which also had a crowd proclaiming his name) makes him one of the most easily hateable artists of the year!

  4. this is their only song I find catchy, but the lyrics are terrible, and the band shows no damn emotion. 7 Years is a pile of dogshit.

  5. how was i not subscribed lol.
    lobe u guys, you better be looking for the dude in the jersey of ur home town at the show in salt lake city.
    nov 16

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