Nine Inch Nails – Copy of a (VEVO Presents)


Music video by Nine Inch Nails performing Copy of a (VEVO Presents). 2013 Null Corporation.

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  1. I wouldn't mind hurting every single part of myself that wasn't down with Trent. Except for the part about hurting myself. I'm wicked weak!

  2. So fucking grateful i got to see Trent in Copenhagen. These days i can't even drag myself to a concert… but at least i made that one (depression, anxiety and all that crap.. :-(..

  3. I love this song. I could listen to it on repeat. The drummer rocks. Just a good beat. The song is freaking good. I love the light show. Face it Trent Reznor and his arms!

  4. siete i creatori del rock industrial…incredibilmente fantastici…e ke il futuro sia con noi energia pura…da Cyber alex in Ciampino

  5. This is my favourite song by nin. What else can anyone recommend to me that has this type of sound by nin?

  6. you know what i think, do you? do you know?…. hang on a minute….. i'll do you all a favour and refrain……

  7. Better than the studio version. Flawless, if not for a few vocal notes slightly out of tune. Probably one hell of an experience, to see it live.

  8. First heard of Ilan when he joined AVA, after hearing stuff like this and all the stuff hes done, he plays like a rhythmic best

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