Ryn Weaver – Life According to Ryn (Vevo LIFT)


Ryn Weaver – Life According to Ryn (Vevo LIFT): Brought To You By McDonald’s Music never stops. Get the Vevo App! Ryn on Tour: …

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  1. Tank tops and T shirts…..your breasts are only size C……if you were tank tops and t shirts it makes your tits look all floopy and full and turns them into a size D look….

    1:37 in the video when your in the leotard…..i am like PSHHHHH my pecs are bigger then this chicks tits….boring….

    but then in 2:02 when your walking and your tits are sorta jiggling….i become interested….

    combine big jiggly tits, with monkey fck sounds and you will shine´╗┐

  2. she reminds me a bit of Lana Del Rey when talks. she has such a powerful singing voice and is so soft when she talks. she also reminds me a lot of Alanis Morissette in her looks and thoughts.´╗┐