Tom Odell – Magnetised (Vevo Presents)


Tom Odell – Magnetised (Vevo Presents) Tom Odell’s second studio album ‘Wrong Crowd’ is out now: Listen to ‘Wrong …

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  1. Maybe this is tmi but I teared up because of how passionate he is about his work and how well he sings.

  2. When my 5yo sister heard this version of Magnetised, she asked me – Is he in pain? –
    I just replied – maybe – and was suprised how kids can be sensitive.

  3. wow! The song is beautiful! I'm in love with a girl that ignors me and this really desribes it thanks tom :)

  4. This real music by a true artist – great lyrics and a unique but not perfect voice makes the emotion stream to the audience!!!! sings to not at the audience.

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