10 TNA Wrestlers Coming to WWE Full wwe 2016


WWE is close to buying out TNA Wrestling. Many fans are sad to see TNA close to ending but they are getting excited about seeing some of their favorite … wwe 2016

WWE 2016


  1. Imagine a match with willow(Jeff's alter ego) vs broken mat hardy but only if they sign with wwe because right now they are amazing together

  2. They should sign decay because nobody wants to see booty ass hardy boyz vs he wyatts they want to see decay vs the wyatts

  3. Nothing is news, it's all speculation. Like listening to Donald Trump, all sound bites, no substance. It pretty much been said that the ownership of TNA would fold up the tents and go home, quietly, than sell anything to "Uncle Vinnie's Sideshow Mafia".
    Both Corrigan and Carter (and the family) have said as much in recorded interviews.

  4. I'd have to disagree with people forgetting about Stardust. One of the reasons the gimmick didn't work out was because people knew they were throwing out his talent. I think if he went back to WWE full time as Cody Rhodes, it'll work out for the best.

  5. Cody won't return because he asked for his release. Also, I don't think Sandow has a chance to make it back until he figures his character out. The rest are in the maybe category.

  6. i dont want aaron rex cody rhodes and drew mccintyre to sign wwe if they sign wwe will make them jobbers

  7. wow… Do some research before you post something like this. You couldnt be more wrong with half of those wrestlers.

  8. matt and jeff should stay at tna
    wwe fucks people over
    they are doing well with theyre new charectars and wwe would just ruin it
    they deserve a legacy and tna will give it to them

  9. It makes no seance to bring back Cody or Aaron Rex back….I would have said Jessie Gotterz and Abyss instead

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