BX vs. Pacitti Club 10: WWE No Mercy Live Stream Full wwe 2016


Join us as we stream our live reactions to WWE No Mercy! For more awesome content, check out: Catch us on Facebook at: … wwe 2016

WWE 2016


  1. Why bother to stream live if you're not going to react to anything and just look at your phones whilst trying not to fall asleep´╗┐

  2. Had there been a fight or something behind the scenes? Seriously, what's up with the utter lack of emotion? There were even some questionable sideways glances going on.´╗┐

  3. Does anyone know if you can watch the weekly raw and smackdown reactions on extra after they have been broadcast live? I'm at work for the showings?´╗┐

  4. Honestly with all the money you guys have probably been throwing at these big name wrestlers why don't you use some of it and buy a bigger couch´╗┐

  5. The awful audio quality on this one is weird. I've watched the other live streams and the sound was fine in all those. Great, even. Maybe because they were recorded in the office vs what looks like an apartment?´╗┐

  6. Guys, if your going to stream more, sort the audio out…. Turned this off after the sound guy rant as the clipping was just too much!´╗┐

  7. Side note…BRAY FINALLY GETS A PPV WIN & BUT IT'S PREDICATED BY SHENANIGANS. I'm glad he won, and stoked to see Luke FINALLY back, but Bray has been so shafted by bad booking it's shameful.´╗┐

  8. Usually love all your videos, but the audio on this is gawd-awful–I can't even make out what y'all are saying! it's unwatchable :(´╗┐

  9. Why are u kids still disliking they need to make money the loaded episodes are free isint that enough for u spoiled pricks´╗┐

  10. Would be great if you could put time stamps in the description in future videos, for fights starting and/or major moments etc´╗┐

  11. we dont want/need the full live stream uploaded to youtube, just a 20-30 min highlights video is fine´╗┐

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