Draft Day Shockers: WWE Top 10 Full wwe 2016


Every pick in a WWE Draft represents a chance to change a Superstar’s destiny for better or worse. See for yourself by counting down the 10 most shocking … wwe 2016

WWE 2016


  1. wwe champion JOHN CENA I am baby the miz ms hustle royal respect you can't see me my time is JOHN CENA dawyn the janson Maui Dwayne rock Johnson

  2. when Cena got drafted back to RAW, I was like…."WTF?????!!!! That draft is just a joke to SmackDown?????!!!!!! S***F……..

  3. I will always say Triple H should have spent that year on Smackdown… but then he didn't want to have to end up losing at the next Mania to Cena.. though he ended up doing it the next year anyway more than once.

  4. How's Cena Drafted To Raw On 05 A Shocker Lmfao Y'all Better Get A Real Dope Content Before You Once Again Lose To UFC Punk

  5. Cena being drafted to Smackdown could've made Smackdown a credible threat to Raw, but nope. Raw has to be made to look strong. Cena being drafted back to Raw at the end of the night was the true end of the brand split

  6. If WWE never had a Brand Extension, think of the Rivalries we could have seen:

    Evolution vs. Brock Lesnar
    Evolution vs. Undertaker
    Undertaker vs. Goldberg

    John Cena vs. Goldberg(if he didn't leave)
    John Cena vs. Evolution
    Kurt Angle/Edge vs. Goldberg

    Shawn Michaels vs. Eddie Guerrero
    Shawn Michaels vs. Brock Lesnar(if he didn't leave)

    Bobby Lashley vs. Triple H


    You can list which Rivalries you would like to see

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