Teddy Long makes a surprise return to WWE: Raw, June 6, 2016 Full wwe 2016


As tensions rise among the Money in the Bank Ladder Match participants, former SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long steps in with a bold proposition. wwe 2016

WWE 2016


  1. Stephanie horribly disrespected Teddy Long. Nobody, and I mean, NOBODY disrespects Teddy long without going one on one with da Undertaka.

  2. Kevin Owens is a out of shape piece of 💩 that would never be anything in wrestling if he wasn't white.

  3. Now hold on playas, since all 6 of you seem to have trouble getting along, you all will be in a 3v3 tag match! The winners of that tag match will be put into a battle royal and the winner of the battle royal will go ONE ON ONE AGAINST DA UNDERTAKA

  4. if teddy long were running wwe this is what it would look like screw the singles titles were going to have nothing but tag team matches and titles hala hala lol

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