Ups And Downs From Last Night’s WWE Raw (Nov 28) Full wwe 2016


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WWE 2016


  1. First time tuning into WWF/E in years and I must say this is the worst show I have ever witnessed. The rivalry between Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks is utter dross. Both are complete shite as wrestlers and women's wrestling as a whole is shite (unless you have the the Stacey Kiebler's, Trish Stratus's, Sables, Ivory's etc.) but should still be kept as card filler at best , just more PC shite we're being force fed. As for the Kevin Owen's vs. Roman Reigns what a load of crap, the whole feud was so boring and predictable, Kevin Owen's who clearly appears lacking in the athletic department hardly has a nobody tunes into this crap ny charisma to make up for it. No wonder people have stopped tuning in.

  2. It was backstage politics for keeping Ceasor. Evidently, Cesaro was getting a little tired of Raw and how they were treating him, so Daniel Bryan behind the scenes had been trying to get Cesaro over on Smackdown – because of the contractual legal side of Cesaro, he can't do much besides falling out with Raw on a big disagreement and then skipping to Smackdown, on the other hand, WWE higher ups will not like that and Cesaro isn't the type of guy to 'bite the hand which feeds him'. So I believe they made this move to finally letting Sheamus and Cesaro be 'on the same page' as tag team to finally beat The New Day for the Raw Tag Team Championship.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one that notices how everybody cries on social media about how bad wrestling is yet turn right around and watch it again anyway. It's like they only watch it to rag on it …which wouldn't surprise me honestly…

  4. Not sure why Reigns is still getting such a hard push, unless they're building him up for a heel turn and feud with (a face) Rollins. If they do give him both straps he keeps getting booed, he should turn on the crowd, turn on the locker room too.

  5. Rusev has no mic skills and isn't a good wrestler.All he does are the accolade and thrustkicks

  6. theres a weird misconception that Rusev is a heel, he's not anymore…. he's foreign. that's why he's the 'bad guy'. in his last 3 story lines he just wanted to be treated with respect considering he's the US champion, and the other two are defending his wife's honor against Roman (who crashed their wedding ceremony and put Lana in the Cake) and enzo (who exposed himself to her and impies he could sleep with her) these days its really only his accent that says he a heel

  7. The Raw women's championship has changed between face and heel more than the big show…

  8. The Owens / Austin comparison is silly. Not been booked in any way similar fashion.Same when Rollins was champ it was understood that script-wise he was not actually the toughest guy on the roster

  9. Regarding Banks/Flair. I agree they shouldn't hot potato the belt and Sasha should probably still have it from when she won it the first time BUT i think it's got to the point where rather than elevate ONE dominant champ they''ve kinda made it look like these two women are above the others but neck and neck with each other, which is quite exciting. They've made two monsters instead of one.

  10. I've been saying this for months about the women's title. Charlotte and Sasha should be taken out of the title scene for a while. new day should have lost the tag belts over a year ago. Roman reigns IMO is great sure there are better people on the roster but I like him.

  11. Re: 'sheamus is underrated' – watch him in the mic when they were Glasgow and you will see how great he is. Clearly he just said to creative that he's Irish so he knows what to say to get heat in Scotland, and he absolutely killed it, and it was hilarious.

  12. the heyman segment was pure gold. this guy is a promo god 🙂 and I really liked the carpark brawl with rollins – havent seen this kind of segment in ages!

  13. What's funny is that WWE is always looking for that BIG POP!!! Then you have the Wrestler lose in their hometown…..

  14. Still kinda was a tease with KO saying Jericho was still his best friend an thinking of him getting hurt cost him the match..

  15. WWE has the best stars the business, but them, for some reason, they always find a way make them worst. They really know how to kill stars.

  16. LU treat the women so much better than all the other companies. They are a serious part of the show, not like the others, that say, we women too. Catrina, an amazing manager, she fits very nicely with Mil Mascaras. Can somebody remind me what happened to prince puma ? I didn't one week or so and i forgot why he stopped hapering in the show

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