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  1. HEY SIMON!!! What do you think is more important as a champion… How long u hold the title or how many times u win it? & Why????

  2. NXT is cool because it's actually ROH run by HHH and Regal with WWE money… So it's fucking enjoayable… In NXT they don't need a chacachter and when they get one they are pushed to the top (and then main roaster)… Alas sometimes is always about the PUSH because a great charachter (Anti Taker Mortdecai) with an endless losing strek isn't a "great one" anymore but just a jobber… And not all can get the W and so you just need someone to lose… For every American Alpha and New Day win you need the Ascension or Vaudevillains or Breezango to lose (it's not cheap to put talent over)… Let's pick Joe and Nakamura… Joe comes to main roaster (SDLive) so he MUST MUST be booked as the unstoppable monster he is (so Crews,Kalisto, Ziggler lose and we must even downgrade Baron Corbin…?) Nakamura on Raw? Right when Vince wants Aj on Raw and we have Braun Strowmann who must beat up anyone? Is it ok to sacrifice again Sami Zayn?… Someone must sometimes be booked to lose, no matter how good he is (except Hogan, who books you and your company to lose)..

  3. I don't think nxt has been developmental for a year or so it's more like wwes third brand that resembles the old ecw not violence wise but talent wise consolidating the best around the world and letting them show it off.

  4. The transition doesn't work because of Vince McMahon. If he didn't create them, he won't give a flipping shit about them.

  5. Problem is, there's already a pecking order established in the Main Roster. Every time a wrestler gets called up, its gonna bump someone else down. there is only a finite amount of weekly television time, and someone will always be the odd man out. Let's say Samoa Joe gets called to Smackdown. That potentially bumps down Ziggler, Miz, or Wyatt to wherever Crews is right now.

  6. The only problem is WWE Booking, How long have we been complaining about the Ascension getting used as jobbers? And I know quite a few people who are pissed off about the Vaudvillians. Apollo Crews is amazing and i am glad they are finally starting to use him, although they called him up too early.

  7. and thus not very likely we will be seeing Kenny Omega in the WWE anytime soon unless they offer him creative control of his character

  8. KO had a big push, which WWE used John Cena. On top of that, he beat john cena on the first match out of three. That first match was one of the best in a long time

  9. That's bullshit it dose work & if you look at Raw & Smackdown they are full of NXT stars in the main roster & in the main eventers plus it's different in the main roster than NXT that's why it's called developmental stupid

  10. Another issue with NXT is that lately on the same roster we almost see the same faces … meaning we cannot get that invested in guys like No Way Jose.

  11. NXT is supposed to be developmental so i don't really understand why already over and established guys like nakamura, roode, samoa joe and austin aries go into NXT and not straight into the main roster

  12. its called curtains because it means "the show is over" like when the curtains close at the end of a show. Glad i could help.

  13. "It's curtains" Means the curtains drop on your act. What happens when the curtain drops? The shows over. If the curtain drops on your "act", it would mean your gimmick is done.

  14. one of the real questions is really "If not Now WHEN should they get called up"and jim ross talked about his when he would bring in wrestlers,coming in when WWE had or saw a role that a talent could fit in.not any other time The Problem with NXT is,yes,they're ready,but what Spot do we put them in?what is the first year plan for this talent.they're just bringing on talent for no real reason

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