WTF Moments: WWE RAW (Nov 28, 2016) Full wwe 2016


King Ross is back with all the WTF Moments from last night’s WWE Raw! For more awesome content, check out: Catch us on … wwe 2016

WWE 2016


  1. the banks vs charlotte match was no count out, pins count anywhere, but i don't remember them saying it was a no DQ, as King Ross described. I expected a wtf moment to be when sasha busted out the kendo stick… same moment, different wtf

  2. you missed a WTF moment. When Charlotte was clearing the announce table Michael cole said "Sasha Banks is clearing the announce table" damn you Michael Cole

  3. How did you miss the part in the pub brawl where it went 0 to 100 when that guy referred Cesaro and Sheamus as new construction workers or something similar to that it can be wtf as it is racial and stereotypical as well as referring back to the new president of the United States Trump

  4. Ellen has more subscribers than WWE, but not views.
    WWE is the 4th most viewed channel on Youtube after Pewdiepie, Bieber and some Indian music channel :D

  5. No wtf moment for over 20 minutes really what about kiven telling Chris to shut up and them breaking up??

  6. I'm a loyal subject of King Ross, but jebus h krist the Kevin Dunn jokes are old, tired, unfunny, and need to go the eff away

  7. you do realize that Seamus is Irish, therefore he can make a Pint pretty easily, from one irishman to another lol

  8. It was actually clear it was the end of the fued because Sasha would be out of her rematch clauses. The fued isnt over yet because they keep hot potatoing the belt between each other.

  9. The entance music of Mike Awesome!!! Utter tune. On another note, the pen and the sweaty face, king Ross in need of a smoke?

  10. WTF moment. as any "real" Guinness drinker knows, you do not put a shamrock on top. that's an American idea and they have no idea.

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