WTF Moments: WWE SmackDown (Jan 10, 2017) Full wwe 2016


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WWE 2016


  1. Why did the word "motherflippers" get bleeped? You can read King's lips, he doesn't says motherfuckers, he says motherflippers.

  2. Erm… Cenation wasn't always the name of Cena marks. Back when he was the Doctor of Thuganomics, Cena marks were the Chain Gang

  3. Orton RARELY holds the tag rope. At least in that match he didn't, bc we went back and watched that specific match and didn't see him holding it!!!!! 😜

  4. "complains about someone not looking professional at work while walking around the workplace in a fake crown, sceptre, and robe" King Ross everybody

  5. We should all thank King Ross:  I think if it weren't for his constant shit-making out of Baron Corbin's disgusting belly button, we'd all have to keep seeing it.  Ross's comments made him keep his shirt on and thus saving us all.

  6. Anyone else just realise we're gonna have like 15 matches at Wrestlemania this year if every title is defended? Universal, WWE, IC, US, Cruiserweight, RAW & SD TAG and Womens, 8 matches and thats just for titles, plus the rock and any other fueds :/ hello 6 hour ppv

  7. Belly button bit Cena- gave me odd visions but not laughed so hard since… oh it was at Lights Out a few hours ago lol! Thanks anyway King Ross! Great vid as always!

  8. When he has a fucked up camera during these WTF moments I know I'm in for the funniest shit of the bastard week

  9. When he said Baron Corbin's belly button bit Cena on his shoulder, I swear I was in tears and choked on my bottle of water!! That was funnier than all the Kevin Dunn's teeth jokes!

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