WWE Main Event 2016.10.07 Natalya vs Naomi Full wwe 2016


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WWE 2016


  1. I love what smackdown is doing for the women. I wish that they would slow down and choose bigger spots wisely. Maybe give them a new finisher and signature moves. I love the smackdown women's division its not just one sided as raw. Every woman on Smackdown is on an even playing field. Strengths and weaknesses are shown unlike raw where u just have Charlotte Dana and Sasha every week…

  2. Naomi and Natalya: Two examples that no matter how good you are at something. If you're a nice person, you will fail in this business.

  3. Naomi needs to stop doing those combo kicks it's just pathetic and looks extremely fake and she needs to change finisher other then that naomi has potential.

  4. This match could have been better considering the calibre of talent. Natalya forgot most of her moveset or something

  5. наптшите это к 3 видео храните пять раз и посмотрите под подушку

  6. Hate to see what they did to Natalya but at least she still fights almost every week 🙂 Still I think she could need the Nia-Jax-Treatment

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