WWE Top 10 Funniest Moments Of 2016! Full wwe 2016


Sit back, relax, grab some popcorn and prepare to laugh out loud as we countdown some of the most hilarious moments of 2016! wwe 2016

WWE 2016


  1. Oh man, watching that Slater segment it makes me sad that he's being wasted once again. I could've see him challenging for the IC title.

  2. number 6 got me 2 cry because that was SO nasty it wasn't even funny you shouldn't judge a book by its cover and I stand strongly for that

  3. His career deserved alot better ending he deserved to be a champ and battle to win over y2j, cena, batista, orton, edge etc. instead of losing that way vs batista in 1 night stand. or lose tons of times acting like a frustrated old wrestler. I miss his entertainment. The most daring legend who gave up his back for this business my idol for life time. I am 23 yrs old but i still dance on ur theme music home alone :D

  4. nakumora seems like that kid who suffers from autism silently, and unintentionally makes a fool out of himself when some situation like that happens and he just thinks hes being so funny :/ the thing is, is i know an autistic kid, and hes genuinely funny, nakumora, nakumora is annoying

  5. For the #2 Spot I wonder where WWE found all the gingers since ya'know how red hair is biologically rare.

  6. if they would of pushed owens properly instead of using his reign as a prop for reigns and the Rollins HHH fued he could of done so much better hes a great promo great wrestler hes someone they should be working with instead of working on fixing reigns just cuz he has a look

  7. the attitude era was more entertaining then this video , sorry but that's why I don't watch wrestling anymore . too much lame talk and not enough interesting matches . WWF ATTITUDE ERA FOREVER !

  8. That naked guy when he was in front of the other guys wife you know she wanted it cause it was bigger than her husbands

  9. Hello i'm sorry for my english i'm frensh I like your vidéo and my question is when is the 3 action where he have Cesaro, del rio, Zayn ,kevin owens, Jericho and ambrose ty

  10. Notice Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns smiling when Chris Jericho putting the soccer mom hairstyle on the list. lol

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